Mining applications

Link Tower is very proud to use and recommend NEMA and MIL specified equipment for mining and high risk sites.

Link Tower has developed mining specific mobile solutions for:

  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Point-to-point Microwave
  • Point-to-multipoint
  • Link Office Anywhere
  • Mobile Office
  • Microwave
  • Security Intrusion and
  • IP Video Surveillance & CCTV.

Our solutions are rapid solutions to ensure and facilitate our mining and resources customer’s 100% uptime of their plant and equipment. The mining environments of Australia are very unpredictable. Link Tower has developed solutions fit for industry.

Link Tower can assist any mine or related industry with the below specific offerings including:

  • Rapid and Mobile Communications
  • Link Tower – Mine Spec Trailers
  • Explosion proof camera systems
  • Camera cleaning solutions both automatic and manual types
  • Surveillance and process control analytics
  • Wide area virtual fence solutions
  • Command and control solutions
  • Wide area surveillance

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