Critical Infrastructure Surveillance

On regular occasions, depending on the current threat levels of a risk assessment of a particular site, improved or additional surveillance may be required. In addition, on some other occasions security “black spots” or areas of improvement are identified within Critical Infrastructure sites and whilst a permanent solution is being deployed, a temporary surveillance solution may be required. On many occasions this solution is required on an urgent basic if only for a limited time.

In both such situations, whilst a permanent solution may be in the planning or implementation stage, it is of operational importance to be prudent and consider a mobile or temporary surveillance solution to ensure coverage. A solution that is capable of integrating with existing equipment onsite and a system that is dependable, robust and of the highest image quality. Link Tower is the only option for these types of situations, when security, and camera surveillance coverage is required in a timely manner.

Link Tower has deployed temporary and permanent solutions for:

  • Airports
  • Ports and harbour Protection
  • Offshore oil Rigs
  • Critical power plants
  • Tunnel Command Centres
  • High Security Sites
  • Government Data Centres

Link Tower is well positioned and equipped to assist with your project requirements.

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