Construction Site Monitoring

Link Tower’s Mobile Security CCTV Towers and independently deployable devices are unique. Link Tower prides itself in providing fully-integrated, rapid deployable security solutions.

Since our inception, Link Tower has been the pioneers in the design, manufacture, and delivery management of such equipment. These devices deter, detect and prevent construction site crime, improve project management and ultimately improve health and safety for workers and visitors onsite.

In the past Link Tower has assisted in numerous projects involving construction site monitoring including:

  • Mining construction site security with site stock and material shrinkage issued
  • High rise and master planned community remote CCTV (closed circuit television).trailers and mobile camera solutions both IP (internet protocol) and CCTV.
  • Multiple site constructions for oil production sites, requiring close monitoring for the project management team- used for a progress monitoring and contractor and staff monitoring tool.

Link Tower provides quality services and comprehensive security solutions for construction sites. Link Tower is well positioned and equipped to assist with your project requirements.

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