Environmental Protection Monitoring

Link Tower is the premier brand developing and manufacturing solutions for a changing world.

Link Tower, have mobile products that are used daily by environmental protection agencies and local Councils Australia wide in the management, and protection of the environment.

Prevalent within parks and national parks are the following concerns among environmental protection authorities and Link Tower can assist.

  • Illegal dumping or waste
  • Illegal animal capture and game shooting
  • Illegal camping
  • Flora and Fauna theft and abuse
  • Destruction by vehicles and
  • Vandalism issues

Many devices claim they are used for such application and fail in relation to image quality, ability to be installed in remote and harsh environments and the ability to remotely control with pin point accuracy the cameras and viewing areas. Link Tower prides itself in providing exceptional solutions for this industry.

Link Tower can assist with HD Cameras, Thermal cameras and night vision assist camera system installed within many apparatus designed to be fit for purpose in the chosen application. Link tower regularly use wind, solar, battery and generator energy sources to complete installation in the most remote and harvest environments.

Link Tower has completed both covert and overt installations as they are both common in the protection of the environment and depending on the outcome required.