Emergency Incident Management

Link Tower has the solutions to assist with the management and incident control of emergency situations. Link Tower interoperability trailers and mobile platforms are designed for rapid deployment.

You can be assured of the manufacturing and design quality of Link Tower products and especially their suitability to industry.

Link Tower focuses on the Control of Incidents and Emergency Situations for the below sectors;

  • Railways and infrastructure- Incident & Collision Emergency Management and
  • Transport and Roadways – Incident & Collision Emergency Management
  • Emergency Services – Police, Fire & Medical Incident control and Emergency Management

Rail and infrastructure- Incident & Collision Emergency Management

Rail infrastructure damages and outages can be viewed live via Link Tower solutions for the purposes of remote administration via an incident control room for the purposes of enhanced situational awareness. Updates to the general populous can be advised using the information provided by Link Tower devices for accurate and estimated return to schedule times.

In the past we have assisted Queensland Rail in supplying temporary Link Tower Mobile CCTV Link Cam units for the purposes of level crossing studies on behaviour of drivers in and around level crossing in improving road safety.

Transport and Roadways – Incident & Collision Emergency Management

First responders, State of Emergency Services (SES), Police and Fire and Medical Authorities can easily deploy Link Tower devices. Link Tower devices are designed to be lightweight, reliable, easy to use and rugged. Essentially the benefits to the first responders is back up support via the management centres based on live and developing events of the incident.

With a Link Tower device deployed, the monitoring control centre has the ability to view the incident and with a dedicated line to the incident control room, the management centre has the ability to dispatch additional resources to a scene then otherwise a first responder would be required to leave his position or duty and call the incident control centre. Highway or road closures and construction road works are easily monitored by a traffic management centre or control room to ensure road closures are kept to the times specified and to ensure if traffic outages are required, the roadway is visible at the control room for the duration of the project.

Deployed in minutes, the control centre can view a crash incident, construction traffic congestion and or provide incident oversee abilities and assist with the live management of the incident.

Link Tower also provide to this sector local and secure telecommunications and mobile WIFI including point to point, mesh or microwave transmission solutions.

In the past we have provided services to the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales (RTA) and the Brisbane Metropolitan Traffic Management Centre (BMTMC), a Brisbane City Council and Queensland Government operated traffic Management centre.

Emergency Services – Police, Fire & Medical Incident control and Emergency Management

Link Tower has the ability to assist with the proper incident management of either planned and unplanned emergency events or incidents via our situational awareness systems.

Police use of Link Tower for potential siege situations, and or lock down areas where local incident control mobile vehicles are locally controlling an incident. Link Cam units and mobile communication devices can stream data securely to the local command post for enhanced situational awareness.

Link Tower has assisted with Fire Services and command Posts in controlling back burning events or building closures whereby remote camera feeds are required to be sent to a local command post elevating the need to local personnel to remain onsite monitoring back burning especially when a fire in controlled. Other uses include training and onsite field support to units on the ground in large scale fire and rescue situations.

Link Tower devices can be programmed to dual stream to multiple locations both locally and / or offsite, via secure encoding and transfer technologies.